Olympus stellt motorisiertes Zoom-Objektiv vor


Trotz der ausstehenden rechtlichen Probleme gehört Olympus zu den besten Entwicklern von Micro-Four-Thirds Kameras. Nun gibt es ein neues Objektiv mit motorisiertem Zoom für Filmer und bestimmte Spezifikationen, dank denen eine offene Blende mit f3.5 mit einem 4,2-fachen Zoom kombiniert werden kann.

Micro-Four-Third Kameras sind leicht, was je nach Situation sehr vorteilhaft sein kann. Doch dadurch machen sie es besonders den Filmern unter uns nicht sonderlich leicht bei einer Videoaufnahme zu stabilisieren. Das neue motorisierte Zoom-Objektiv von Olympus „M.Zuiko“ hilft die Wackler beim Zoom zu vermeiden. Dazu hat es drei verschiedene Zoom-Geschwindigkeiten. Das ist ein cooles Feature, wenn man viel filmt und der manuelle Zoom die Aufnahme eher zerstört.

Unter all dem motorisierten Äußeren verbirgt sich ein Allzweck-Objektiv. Mit 12-55mm und f.3.5-6.3 stellt das M.Zuiko einen netten Kompromiss zwischen Zoom- und Weitwinkel-Objektiven dar. Zwar ist dies keine weltbewegende Entwicklung, doch werden es einige Käufer von Objektiven zu schätzen wissen. Ab Ende Januar ist das Objektiv für 499 Euro erhältlich. [Mario Aguilar/Helene Gunin]

[via Olympus]

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  1. Nice shot it shows good contrast in the body of the photo. The Craters come out a litle fuzzy but that could just be my Eyes. Next time you get a chacne to shoot the moon,LOL, try and get one of it when it is mot full and shoot off the side that is the clearest and you should be able to see the details of the Mountains and better details of the craters, you might even be able to see some boulders. I tried to shoot some photo’s of the International space station as it flew over Tuesday night, but my little camera just doesn’t have the reach not enough telephoto I set it to 2x zoom but it just won’t stop something going 17,000 mph. Now my old Nikon 35 would have got it with my 1200mm on it but the thing was flying to fast and I probably would have only got 1 or 2 shots. But I have got my eye on another canon point and shoot that will reach out to 548mm and it only cost 399.00. I think it would have the speed it needs to stop the motion just long enough. Here is an old Carl Sikes tip. 100 speed film set at 125 exposure on a 35mm will always be exposed correctly because that is it’s Ideal setting with a 50mm lense. you just have to focus and shoot. Any time you extend the lense out you decrease the amount of Light coming into the camera and when you go wide angle or less than 50mm you increase the light because you have opened up the lense apeture, now digital cameras are supposed to know this on thier own because of the built in brain, but you still need to bracket your shots 1 wide, 1 normal ,1 telephoto just to see which one get’s the best results. Also get your camera a set of lens Filters, usually basic UV work great and they also protect the lenses from getting scratched and they are cheap to replace and a scratched lense is just that scratched. I know most digital cameras allow you to compensate for bad lighting and are supposed to correct color in the camera but the old tried and true ways are still being used by the pros because they don’t trust the digital chip to catch up quick enough, so some colored filters my be worth investing in to add to the cameras ability to get it right. I hope this wasn’t to long a response but I got an A in his class if that counts for anything. I think he was a Drunk but hey some drunks are great man.LOL LOL

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