Life’s a Beeeeaaach!

Wer unbedingt meint, Wertsachen mit an den Strand schleppen zu müssen... naja, ok. Gibt ja so beliebte kleine Playerchen, auf die man ungern verzichtet. Und da besteigt Yelpie den Ring. O-Ton Pressetext:

So, what is Yelpie? It is a patented, high density plastic device that is battery powered, lightweight and portable. To operate you simply open up Yelpie, stash your gear, and arm it with a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Any attempt to move the device will result in a 90 decibel alarm sounding which will attract a lot of attention. Yelpie’s clever design means that an accidental bump will not set it off. It needs repeated movements over less than a second to go into alarm. Once in alarm, it can be silenced (and unlocked) by entering your PIN. If the movement stops, for example, after the thieves have dropped Yelpie, the alarm will shut down within 30 seconds. Once the alarm has ceased, Yelpie is once more watching out for your valuables.

90 Dezibel. Wow! Ich bin beeindruckt. [bda]

[via realtechnews]

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